January 2, 2013

Cliché - but here goes!

Happy New Year - falalalalala~
Surprisingly I felt nothing about new year this time around..
Except.. I still couldn't really digest the fact that it is already a new year? 

Ohhh welpppp.
Spent my new years eve at Granma's place..
Had a small gathering & BBQ and stuff..
So there!

My birthday is coming up so soon as well..:\
Not extremely happy about it for two reasons;
a) I am getting older. 
b) Jojoe will probably not be here.

...I am getting so much older. 

2013 resolutions?
I shall write it down in my new notebook (haha) and I shall not post it up anywhere at this side of the world. 
For some reason I won't achieve anything if I post it up lawl. 
Here's my 2013 wish list!

Wish List

Hoping to cross out few items within this year.
These are the few things I can think of right now..
I am so sure that it's gonna grow as days passes by.

Too lazy to do a recap post thingy like how everybody did.

wish lists does not mean that I am asking all those stuff from others mmkays?
I'm gonna PROBABLY save up for some of those HAHAHA.:P
Let's do this! (lame-.- but HIAKKK LET'S SAVE UP!)

of course..
I pray to be a better person inside and out.

Blog again soon!

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