December 5, 2012

Gadget story?

Nawp, not here to talk about the second part of my trip yet..
..although it is already long overdue. 
I am actually having second thoughts on creating a post for the second part but...

Jojoe's back in town for a week, explains why I haven't been blogging as often I would.
He's leaving tomorrow tho; sad but I'm starting to get used to it now. 
Insyallah we'll have more time to spend together the next time he comes back & in the future ;)

A random thought came to my mind while I was showering..
'bout how lucky (or maybe not so lucky) the kids are nowadays. 
Psssh I feel so old by saying that - but really, I am mostly worried about what do I have to provide my kids in the future if now it is already looking like this?
What I meant was of course - the gadgets the kids own today! Phewww!

I got my very first phone when I was done with high school!
I had no internet or whatsoever back then, ehems my puppy love was all about house phone & meeting up in school hihihi:P

I can't remember exactly when I got the Nokia 2100 but definitely after I was done with my spm. 
I have always been the kind of person who loves customized things. 
I just somehow like to change the way my phone looks like, so even when I was with this phone I changed the cover quite often. 
During the time when I got this phone..people were already crazy about flip phones!
Mainly cuz Korean horror movies was so famous back then & most of the actresses would have pretty looking flip phones.. :]
..and of course, I had the same dream too..;)

But I knew that it was almost impossible that I got a new "fancy" phone randomly..
So I didn't put my hopes up high. 
I was surprised with a new phone right after I was done with PLKN!

Not exactly the phone that I wished for - but hellyeah I was happy:P
and yes, that's the phone right there. I still keep it.:)
Blinged it of course, lawl.

I am not exactly a "techy" or a "gadget" person so I don't really mind what type of phone do I use,
as long as it is pretty.:P
I loved the flip phone but too bad it had to finally be replaced..

That was when I went to KL for the first time in my life ( Yeap! Believe it!)
I really couldn't remember when, but I think it was back in 2007. 
That was the year where I got most of my gadgets - using my own money (so I get to choose what I wanted yay!)

So I chose this!

I actually wanted one of the Nokia phone that was in during that time.. 
simply becuz I never get to ask or choose; I would just settle with whatever I am given.:)
But it was too expensive, so I chose this one instead.:p
I have to say I love the sound quality!:D

Then I entered Uni.. 
and one of my uncle is always concerned about my gadgets (in a way) but he himself couldn't really spoil me with fancy (by fancy I mean expensive) gifts, but he gave me this phone:)

Honestly it was too bulky for me..but I was happy cuz it was my first qwerty keypad phone hahahahaha:P
The phone to me was too complicated to use so he got me another new phone!
Now at that time BB was suddenly so hype & of course (again) I wanted one too:P

I got an old model, but I didn't mind!
..nasib la nak knak manusia nok x gago gilak ngn gadget maju.:P

I was actually quite settled with that BB cuz I loved the keypad. 
..this phone fell right into the toilet bowl.

-_____________________________- '

No choice, had to get myself a new phone. 
No money. 

Jojoe helped a bit so I got myself this BB.

Then I got lucky that Jojoe got me the phone I am using right now & I sold my BB to a friend of ours.;)

...and there it is, 
my random gadget (phone) story!


Most of the kids I know today are lucky.
Lucky lucky lucky. 

What was your very first phone?:D

P/s: As much as I don't really care about gadgets, now that I am upgraded with a "fancy" one, of course I won't downgrade, right?;) - Just a thought.:P

Blog again soon!

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