December 8, 2012

2 days detoxing plan!


Today I finally got the chance to actually start on the detoxing plan that I was supposed to do last week.
Initially I didn't plan on doing any detoxing but since the GNC's Pre Cleanse Diet was on 70% discount, 
both Jojoe & I figured that it was no harm trying!

I am as usual, the opposite of Jojoe, 
I didn't do a whole lot of research about it..heeheee.
All I knew was to only eat veges & fruits while consuming the pre cleanse diet.
But becuz my friends asked me about it, and how does it work & all..
I googled 'bout it a bit!

Read few feedbacks & reviews about it, 
expected pros & cons about it.
Most of it are positive feedbacks, so yay!

I was told that this 2 days detoxing plan is only to cleanse my body (inside of course).

How am I gonna explain this...

I have been eating junks since forever, no?
So I have all the junks in my body - I need to get rid of it so I can start consuming other supplements with a "clean" body!
It's like, starting off fresh sort of thing.

When I detox = it gets rid of all the toxins in my body.
After I detox = It MIGHT help increase the effectiveness of the supplement that I am gonna take. 


So my friends asked if this detoxing is gonna help lose weight..
 when I thought about it, 2 days won't make that much difference. 
In my head it is still just for cleaning the inside of your body. 
..and when I read the feedbacks, I was right, this is not for losing weight
BUT there are some people who actually lost few kgs cuz of it. 

Different people has different reaction to any kinds of supplements and whatnot so you should expect that too. Hehehe. 

In my case, 
for my first day (which is today) I actually pooped 3 times already hahahaha.
Which is kind of "rare" cuz I don't usually poop everyday what more to say 3 times in a day! 
The pre diet cleanse made me thirsty, so I drank more & peed more. 
It helped me feel full - some said it works as a meal replacement as well but it didn't help to reduce my feeling of wanting to snack :\
But I really didn't feel hungry at all :D

I did follow all the instructions- it's gonna be a waste both your money and time if you don't anyways.
After all, 2 days is still okay!
Though it is a bit hard for me to survive.......






I actually tried eating just veges and fruits back then without any other supplements; 
it was hard cuz I felt hungry all the time & had some slight headaches probably cuz I didn't have enough nutrients.. but so far I did not feel weak or hungry today..:)

Ohhh, just FYI, this is my very first time consuming supplements (ANOTHER FIRSTS!yay!) or any kind of health supplements to help me lose some weights. 
The reason why I am trying this out is becuz I can really see the result from Jojoe!
I'm not taking all the sets of pills or proteins and stuff..
I am just gonna try the fat burner cuz I want my fats to be distributed properly hahahahaha. 
I don't intend to get all skinny, I just want the fats to be at the right places, and I want my body to feel a bit lighter & healthier!
Especially now that my body is somehow so sensitive & weak MEH. 
..and also cuz I feel like it is time to take good care of my body. (:

Of course, every time when I am doing something like this temptations are always around me!



We're gonna have a small gathering with one of my aunts tomorrow so my aunt (who I am living with) decides to bring me to shop for junks for tomorrow! T.T 
I did get some for myself as well, but it'll have to wait till Monday!:P

As for now, my eating habit is 
I eat whatever I wanna eat but with controlled portions. 
Same goes with my snacks! I still snack, but not as much as I used to. 

Let's hope I'm gonna lose some fats, shall we?:D

Blog again soon!


  1. Good day! In your article did you base on any extra studies or here are solely your own thought? Can't wait to hear from you.

    1. Hi there!:)
      It's mostly based on my own experience & also bits and pieces from Mr Google & the people from the GNC store here ;)
      Hope that helps!