December 19, 2012

..of face masks & books!


Looking through people's update on the Big Bad Wolf's book Sale makes me feel like I wanna join in the fun too!
..and that may be the reason why my reading mood is back?
Such a hipster, not. Hehe.

The sudden urge to read love stories & chick lits came yesterday..
Which is a bit unusual for me cuz I would rarely read those kind of stories. :3 
Also made me realize that I actually own quite disturbing books on my shelf.. :X

I am the kind of person who would usually read books only by my favorite authors. 
So I  mostly have Ahern's, Hutson's, Blyton's (teeheee) & Dahl's. :P
..that's another habit to change - I should explore more books & authors. 

It's sad to know that my reading mood is here & all the books are so expensive..
..and also knowing the existence of the book sale, is just blehhhhhhhhhh.

So I end up getting few essentials for myself instead.

My skin is terribly dry lately, especially my face. 
Specifically the upper lip area & my nose. 
So ugly to look at the dead dry skin tangling pssshh.
My friend even thought I have a booger in my nose. 


My first time trying the Face Shop's Olive face mask; 
I am already loving it!
I love love love this mask!
It really made my skin feel all moisturized & it leaves a cooling effect when I applied it on & after I took it off. (:
..and of course, nature related products such as these always smells so nice!
I'm definitely gonna try their other masks soon. 
This Olive face mask is specially for dry skin & if you're planning to try their mask, 
do ask for some assistance on which one is best for you & let her know what's your skin condition. (dry, oily yadayada)
ps: I honestly do not favor going to the Face Shop here cuz I prefer the sales person in Nature Republic, they're more friendly! 


The reason why I did not purchase any mask from Nature Republic this time is cuz I wanted to try something new & also cuz I haven't found one in Nature Republic that works well with me. 
But that's also cuz I haven't tried them all!;)

I also bought a fluffy brush..
for me to blend my eye-shadows after applying them with my other brush.
For my so called smokey eyes effect hahahaha.
Not that I usually have eye shadows regularly or something..

I think I bought this just cuz I got myself the brush cleaner the other day - HAHA guilty!
[ but this means more brushes to clean yay!x) ]


Nope, I do not know much about brushes..
Sorry if you have questions or comments on that. 
I  would just pick any brush that works well with me!;)
Got this one for RM9.90 in Sasa.
Face Shop Olive mask sheet - RM 6.90 (with 10% or was it 15% discount?) 

Initially I wanted to get the Female Magazine in Popular..
and I was browsing for cheap chick lit books I could grab as well..
then I remembered that Popular has this book fair going on in PermyMall!


The two books on top - they're RM8.90 each & Koomson's book was only RM16.90 AND it was a hard cover! 
Explore different books & authors = check!

Shout out to Hilda - Thank you for replying my tweet on Koomson's book!:D
I really hope I'm gonna like it too ;)

For those of you who are in Miri,
I think this book fair ends on the 24th,

Mmmkays now, I shall enjoy my new books!

Blog again soon!


  1. No biggies hun! I'm a fan of Koomson; had a few of her books already :D Hope to own her whole collection hehehe

    1. Teeeheee:) I'm sure you're gonna get it all soon!
      Thanks again, sweetie! <3