December 6, 2012

Running shoes!

Here I am again - still not updating about the part 2 of my trip.
Maybe I'm just gonna share some photos as my part 2..
I lost the mood to actually blog about it cuz I think it's too long overdue:|

But anyhoooo,
Since Jojoe had started eating healthy & all, 
he unconsciously made me eat healthily as well.  
While I am here since last month waiting for him to compliment me for losing 3 kgs HAHAHA.
Nope, he didn't realize that I lost those 3 kgs.
It IS a big deal for me, mmkays? 
They're not easy to get rid of, those 3 kgs I tell you!
Not that I actually go on hardcore dieting..
come to think of it, I do think it's hardcore for me lah, cuz I had to say no to snacking & junk food!

*munching away while typing this*

My face got rounder again after I am back, obviously. 
But because Jojoe had spoiled me while he was here - so now I have no choice to actually join him.
No, I am not complaining. ;)

Side tracking...
Here's what I wore today.

Restored my phone by myself cuz I couldn't wait for Jojoe to do it for me..
I end up losing all my photos in my phone YAYS to me for being so "TECHY" and "CLEVER" and all. 
I thought I backed up all my photos & stuff - No I did not. T.T

For those who are wondering (somehow people are interested about those pants I am wearing hehehe)
I would usually not do this but here;

Top - Giordano (Gift from the bestie)
Bottom - Uniqlo peachy pinky jeggings 
Bag - Bonita 
Shoes - Cotton On 

I rarely would have anything with familiar brands on me lol :P
So you're lucky that I got those things at familiar places teeeheeeeeeeeeeee.
*ehems I would usually go to thrift shops :P *
Bought those jeggings just cuz they were having their opening sale so I got those for only RM49.90 - well okay, RM50.
Too bad the ones that were on sale was only the L size.
I would have gotten some other colors as well;
it's a BIT lose on me, but I guess it doesn't show as much, no?
So that's good.;)

Back to my main point, 
I needed a pair of running shoes, cuz I have been exercising with my chucks lawl.
I was afraid that I might ruin it..okay actually it was Jojoe who was worried so he's been wanting to get me a pair of proper jogging shoes. 
I actually spotted a pair of Power shoes which costs less than RM40 that time but we keep on delaying on purchasing it cuz he's always out of town
also cuz I told him I don't need a pair. :P

This time when he got back, he's already been going to the gym which means random date to the gym!
..and of course, I had no proper shoes plus I left my chucks at home. 
We went to Bata to get me the Power shoes I spotted few months back...
but all of it ranges in between RM60 - RM90 !:O
Was it on sale when I saw it ? I'm not sure myself :3

I actually liked one of it cuz it was in black & purple - both my favorite color!
But because he was worried about the we went to Nike instead..
I'd have to admit that I immediately felt all guilty T.T
..and that is why I let him choose whatever that he thinks looks nice.;)

Mind you, we were shopping for those pairs at 7pm and we were supposed to go to the gym right after I got my shoes!
Rush rush rush!




We would usually rarely choose pink, but he thinks it looks nice when I put it on so yay!:)
Ps: Still feeling all guilty that I am spoiled this time :3 

It is seriously so comfy! 
It feels so spongy inside teeeheeee. 
...pssssst! These are my very first pair of proper running shoes!;p

Interesting small details.
My life has more "firsts" than I actually knew! 

Shout out to Jojoe - am not sure whether he still reads my blog,but;
Thank you tayang!;)

Yes, I am that grateful that I had to dedicate one whole post for these shoes (and you;] ).

Stick around folks,
Blog again soon!;)

Another date w the bestie tomorrow- 
it might mean another OOTD with better photos!:D

*also don't forget that you can CLICK at those photos to view it in a better quality!

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