April 3, 2014

AppTalk; My fav phone apps!

Salam & Hello!

I have to admit, I am quite attached to my phone most of the time.

I used to have a lot of apps in my old phone, simply cuz I wanted to try every app I can download (pretty much haha) also cuz it has bigger storage!
But ever since I got my new phone on my birthday; because of the number of apps I tried, 
it is easier to just download the ones that I love the most. 

Most of the apps before this just fills up my screen and phone storage without me really using it..
so I don't really see the point of me keeping unused apps, no?

I don't really have that much games or songs on my phone..
cuz I would usually play games on the iPad..
..and I don't really listen to songs that much. 
Apart from when I am in the car or in the shower, maybe. 

Even my iPod is not fully utilized lol. 

Now these are probably the most common app that we all HAVE to have, yes?
It keeps me occupied, it makes waiting tolerable. 

My Dayre, ohgod. If it were a house it would be full of spiders. 

Now this app, is useful!
Shazam - is an app for you to sort of "google" a song that you don't know but you wanna know. 
Say if you're in a cafe and they play this beautiful song and you just NEED to know what's the title?
Simply click on Shazam; let Shazam listen to it, and boom! 
It'll show you the title, from what album the song is from and also the artist. 
Pretty handy. 

Below; my most most useful apps that I just cannot not have in my phone. 

Left; Battery Doctor ( I think I mentioned this one before) and Right; Data Usage. 
The Data Monitor doesn't really work for me, that reminds me I need to get rid of it:/ 
Battery Doctor should be everybody's best friend hahaha.
Especially for people who likes to charge their phone overnight!
You should know you shouldn't. ;]
Battery Doctor tells us when to pull out the charger so you wouldn't overcharge and ruin your battery, haaa. 

Data Usage is SUPER USEFUL for people like me, 
who loves to go on Pinterest or Tumblr while I am on my 3G/data. -.-
I would always reach my internet quota earlier than I am supposed to..
by using this app I can monitor my everyday usage so I won't overuse my data in a day.  
How awesome?

As for photo editing..
I don't really have a lot, cuz I think I am currently over the phase of editing my photos. 
I used to have so much more..
I might have another phase of photo editing in the future bahaha. 

Squaready is for making my photos square- for my instagram, of course.
..and one app I would like to highlight is the top right; 
Most fav among all. 
Go ahead and try it, you'll know what I mean. 
That pretty much explains why my skin is always flawless looking  in my IG most of the time 
Come on, people should know by now that most of us girls do that in IG.:P

Last two apps;

Iman is pretty handy too, 
it's by far the best Islamic related app I have. 
It's very practical; it has this Kiblat navigation thingy that's easy to use and In Sha Allah accurate.

There you go!
My fav apps- so far. 

I think need to start a personal project very soon, 
to keep my creative juices running as well as to occupy my time more. 

I'll blog again soon, 

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