February 10, 2014

Finally up; how I wear my hijab!:)

Salam & Hello,
my dear readers!

People have been requesting for me to put up a tutorial on how do I wear my hijab,
and it is finally here!
It's too hard for me to do it myself, so the bestie helped me with the photos :D

Initially I wanted to make a video, but it's even more tedious to do so..
Here you go, 
my everyday hijab tutorial. 

Get your shawl ready, 
and I'll try my very best to explain to you how I do it!

First, have your shawl shorter on one side, and leave the longer one down. 
(Okay I have a feeling that I am bad in explaining this but I do hope the photos will help!eeek)

I always have my shawl folded like so, cuz I think it makes the front part look nicer when it's folded.

Then I took the shorter side & pinned it right to the side; close to the spectacles frame like so. 
I hate pinning my shawls to the middle, cuz it makes me feel like something is choking me lol. 

..then I took the loose part ( the longer side) and fold it again. 

..to make a neat looking side fold.

..continue pulling it up to the top of your head,

..and bring it all the way back to the side after pretty much "wrapping" your head in it. 

..take a small pin,

..and secure it in place. 

..by now, it's actually almost done;
all you need to do is to just fix here and there just a bit more to make it look neater. 

..and TADAHH! 
It's all done!
Easy peasy. 
It was hard to explain tho..cuz I am bad in explaining apparently. :/

My OOTD for the day; 

If you haven't noticed, I've gotten a bit chubbier..
which explains the lack of my usual OOTDs lately ;) 
Everything just doesn't seem to fit in me anymore it's depressing!
Looks like I need to save up for some shopping spree!
(or maybe diet:P) 

Do share with me if you have your favorite ways to wear your hijab,  
particularly ones that doesn't need pinning in the middle!;)

I think I'll blog about my favorite apps next, 
so stick around, 
I'll blog again soon!


1 comment:

  1. Chubbier means happier! :D

    Did not understand at first glance lol. Had to re-read the first part hahaha. Because you mentioned folded, how much is it folded in? to the middle? 3/4? But the other parts are fine!

    Sorryyy if I had to comment something ):