August 30, 2014

My labor story; 27-07-2014 // Nur Amani Arissa ♥ - Part 1

Salam everyone!

The reason why I have been missing for so long lately is cuz I finally gave birth to a healthy baby girl!

I really wanna tell my story, 
but I am sorry if any of this will end so abrupt cuz I am stealing some time typing this while my baby is sleeping!
She's definitely gonna wake up any time soon so..yeah.

I gave birth at 37/38 weeks of my pregnancy (if I am not mistaken) during the last day of Ramadhan.
So uhmm yeah, I had to listen to "takbir raya" on the hospital bed..without my baby next to me. 
Sad & happy at the same time..
sad cuz I was alone; I gave birth at 5.45pm & got out from the labor room at 7ish? 
So the husband couldn't stay with me at the hospital cuz of the limited visiting hours. 
My baby wasn't with me too, cuz she had to be admitted in a different ward as she was on antibiotic.. 
..but happy cuz finally my little squirmy is out of the belly..
means I can finally hug her and kiss her! :D 

I gave birth 3 weeks earlier than my due date, and the reason being is that my water sort of broke a little..
Apparently little squirmy's sack was torn cuz she was too naughty and active in my belly! 
I had to be admitted & stayed there for 4 days. 

..because of that we had to be monitored cuz of the possibility of infections & I was given antibiotic.
I didn't get any sort of contractions till I had to be induced three times!

Man, the thing that stressed me out so much was the stay, pretty much cuz I had to be alone (but with other patients) almost all the time.
Also cuz it was super duper hot there; and being pregnant (especially when it's really near to labor) makes one sweat so so much!
Obviously cuz it is my first pregnancy & I had no idea what to expect or what to do.. 
it also made me all nervous and anxious. 

The first 2 induce did me nothing. 
I did not feel any contractions at all, what more to say whether my body is ready for labor or not. 
The 3rd one was the one, 
and MAN! 
Contractions sure does hurt so so much!

The contractions was so bad that we finally told the nurses that "maybe" I am ready to give birth. 
Honestly, I didn't even know whether what I was feeling are contractions..
I don't even know what I was feeling till Jojoe googled what it might be hahaha:p 

I shall blog part 2 when I have the time okay?
My baby is awake I have to go attend her now!

Blog again soon, 
Hope you missed me!


  1. Finally! Been waiting for you to blog about this! Can't wait for part 2! Hihi

  2. If I know you were admitted there I would have visited XD I'm downstairs lol :3 still geram coz squirmy's face is not shown on your insta yet hahah *stalkermuch*