April 11, 2014

Our news; Alhamdulillah!

Salam & Hi!

So..I guess it's about time to share with you my lovely readers, our most precious news ever. 
If you can..try guess from the photo.
If you got it right, 
then yay!

..but if you have no clue..

Just to let you know that both Jojoe & I are expecting a little one coming very soon!
*throws confetti* 
Weeee #alhamdulillah! 

My baby and I are currently in the 23rd week!
Yes, already in our second trimester. 

If you wonder why I didn't go all public earlier than this..
Let's just say I like it that way. 
As much as I love sharing about my private life, I do have my own sort of "timeline" on when I should let people know about a certain something. 
Just like my wedding, right?
You're lucky that I didn't wait for this little one to come out THEN let you know. 

 I found out that I was pregnant on December 17th, 2013.
So apparently I was busy travelling around here and there when I was few weeks pregnant..
No wonder I was so easily tired and I slept most of the time!

I had sour cravings, but regarded the fact that I am probably pregnant at that time,
but a few close friends suspected that I am. 
..cuz I always looked pale, I sleep almost all the time when I got the chance to sit down somewhere bahaha. 
 But Alhamdulillah, 
I didn't go through terrible morning sickness; but it does happen once in a while -except it happens usually at night. 

During this pregnancy so far, the worse thing would be my back.
Oh how it would hurt pretty much everyday!
But it's okay, 
I am super duper thankful for all these experiences that I am having! 

I can already feel my baby moving as early as 16 weeks, I think?
If not a week earlier. 
At first I thought it was just gas in my tummy, but then I remembered that I have a little one in me!

Already at 22 weeks, we could check the gender & we did, 
but I guess our baby is just not ready to show us just yet so that'll have to wait.

I can feel my tummy expanding and I'd have to say it does hurt sometimes, 
but again..it's still a "nice" kind of hurt you know?
Every pain for now is worth it all, In Sha Allah. 

Pray for our baby to grow healthy and come out as healthy and clever as she/he can be, will you?

So now that you know..
Can that be an excuse of why I haven't been updating my blog & my OOTDs?
It's either cuz I got too tired or I have nothing to wear now!
This is a hint that I should start shopping for preggy tops and stuff, yes?

Thank you Allah for this beautiful life you've given me,
Thank you for my other half, and also this precious little one. 
Can't wait for you to meet us, little one.
..but take your time, I enjoy your presence and movements in me. 

So I guess I would probably blog more on my pregnancy now, yeah?
We'll see.

Blog again soon!


  1. Awwww so I guessed it right too! I've suspected few months back when I read your tweet hehe anyways, congrats Fynna! Cant wait to see the little one :P

    1. Teeheee! Yay! You guessed it right!;) Thnak you Hilda, we can't wait to see our little one too!:D