December 30, 2014

Life updates; Fresh start!

Assalamualaikum; Hello!



..because I have not been blogging for so long,
I think I have forgotten how to do this. 
But I've decided that I should keep on blogging so here I am!

I have a terrible headache right now so let's just do some quick updates about my life, okay?

I updated both my "About Me" section & my header;
I hope you like it!
Something more recent.

Quick recap;
  • I got pregnant December last year, gave birth July this year. 
  • Anything before and in between my pregnancy and after it; I CANNOT REMEMBER. 
This is why I should start blogging again!
..else I'll forget what area my highlights in life lolololol. 

Forgive this forgetful mommy, it's all after giving birth to a baby.
It seems like- out comes the baby, gone are all the memories wahahhaa. 

Other than baby stuff..
I just got chubbier and that's about it. 

Still need to brainstorm on what will my blog content will lean more to now...
I'll blog again soon!


  1. Definitely more of Amani for sure! Haha. Welcome back :) nice header :D

    Hana Blurbs

  2. still hope to see you doing outfit of the day :)

    1. dawww thank youuuu!! let me shop for new outfits first bahahahaXD