May 2, 2014

Life & preggy updates!

Salam and Hello all!

So..I have reached my 25/26th week (Blaming my apps for these confusing weeks) of pregnancy! 
Little squirmy is active as usual; well actually even more active lately!
Which made me happy cuz it's like my very own reminder that my baby's here with me. 

I have been eating laksa a lot, I really don't mind having it everyday..

I have been updating more on my Dayre, mainly cuz it is easier for me to access cuz I do not have the luxury to actually sit down in front of my laptop and blog and upload photos and everything.
If you love reading my updates, or if you're curious to know what I had for lunch or what I wore or what my little squirmy is up to, go ahead and follow me there.

I went for a check up last Tuesday and found out that my hemoglobin is low.
When the nurse told me the downside of it..
I admit that I immediately felt so scared and guilty.
I have been trying so hard to not think of any negative things throughout this pregnancy of mine, 
so I decided to focus on happier things, and to fix it rather than dwelling and worrying about what's gonna happen to my baby. 
I honestly leave it all to Him; I will try my very best to do what I can to keep my baby healthy. 

I need to start consuming more healthy food, increase my iron intake..
Gonna read more on what kind of food that has loads of iron. 
No wonder I have been suffering from terrible headaches and been feeling so tired and weak lately..
Dear squirmy, please be healthy and strong for us!

On the bright side, 
I HAVE been having good food;
we went for some good sushi last week.

Self reminder; make full use of your phone camera. 
The quality is amazing!:)
..and no, I did not have any of those raw sushis/salmons. 
All I had was the salmon head, and mostly the tempuras. 

The husband made me some good food too while he was around!

..managed to only capture during the day we had those noodles hehehe. 

Apart from food..
Here's my tummy update!

..and we found our baby's bed!

Okay my back is starting to hurt again so I'm gonna leave you with two videos of little squirmy in my tummy!
The second one is taken earlier today;
little squirmy is extra active today!
So much love for our baby already.
Alhamdulillah Ya Allah, 
Thank you.

#blessed #gratitude 

I'll blog again soon!

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