September 24, 2012

Review;Chappy Chapped Lips! Blistex Lip Moisturizer.

If you are a follower on my twitter; you'd probably knew that I was sick AGAIN, for the past few days. 
Man, I am really tired of being sick.:3 Anybody has ways to prevent from getting sick?:\
Anyhoos, I caught a fever & my dearest asthma came back( I guess it's not ready to leave me yet) and those few days were really terrible for me T.T
I had to sing for a wedding last Saturday & I wasn't even fully recovered yet OHHGAWD I was coughing non stop it worries me so so badddd!
Thank god I managed to not cough while I was singing..
But I'd have to admit that I could have done better..:\

My skin; particularly my face is not at its best condition, with all the redness and unnecessary pimples popping out here and there psssh.
But the most horrible looking "thing" on my face was my lips.
It was so horrible looking that I couldn't get myself to actually snap a photo of it to show you guys how badly chapped and dried it was.
It was really dry, it bleeds, it hurts so so bad!
Now don't you go telling me that I need to drink more water cuz trust me I am the last person you would wanna tell that to!
..cuz most of the time water is the only thing I drink.

My lips are famous for its dryness (haha) so my friends are always giving me lip balms to try, or they would recommend me some lip products to try..& the latest would be the Hada Labo's lip moisturizer. 

Blogged about it here; (but not a review or anything) .

I was surprised that I actually finished two tubes of it!
I NEVER used my lip balms till its all gone mmkay!
I thought it's almost impossible to actually finish a tube-apparently I am wrong..
or maybe the stick is just short that I could finish it so fast hehehe.

The Hada Labo was good, but when my lips gotten even worse, it didn't help that much so I decided to get a different one this time & I got myself this;

Was torn in between getting this one & the Palm Cocoa Butter thing, obviously cuz of the cocoa butter cuz so many people said cocoa butter is good for moisturizing.. and it was a trusted brand as well compared to this one. 
But I somehow picked this one instead simply because it does not look all fancy and I have never heard of the brand before hahahaha.
I mean, it does look all "professional", no?
It looks to me like a pharmacy looking lip thingy so I assume that it'll help.:P

..and guess what?
I am forever trusting my instinct hahahahha.X)

It really helped; A LOT!
Right after I applied it for the first time I could feel all the burning sensation and all the hurt from my chapped lips are reduced OHHGAWDD you have no idea how good it felt!

I like how it has this cooling effect when I apply it, and the taste is very citrus-lime-ishy. Lol.
It smells nice, it tastes nice, it makes my lips feel all cooly wooly.XD
It has SPF15, so I guess that's good for day time too?;)

After less than 5 times of applying it my lips are getting so so much better and I can write this post happily without worrying about all the pain and the ugliness cuz it's all healed!:D

Another plus point is that it's cheap!:)
Got it from Watsons for RM 8.60.

I have tried so many lip products, trust me.
I even googled for some home remedies..
So far I have only tried rubbing honey, honey & brown sugar, softly brushing my lips with my toothbrush..

Maybe I need to change my lip products once in a while, no? 
But there are few lip thingies I tried before that I could only use once or twice.:|

Those are some of the lip products I have..Yes, I still keep them but I do not use them anymore(:
I actually have more, some I've misplaced and some I've thrown away. 
But for some reason I like collection lip thingies/ chap sticks.

I hope my lips stays this way now..It's troublesome when it gets all chapped and dry:3
What's your favorite lip moisturizer/balm? :D

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