September 13, 2012

Quality time with the bestie is loveeee.

I love coffee shops.
The ones where you can really relax, and places that has wifi hahahaha:P
That's mainly the reason why I like going to Starbucks or Coffee Bean; cuz you pay a lot for your drinks and it makes me not feel guilty to stay for as long as I want to ahahahaha.:P
..and also cuz I love doing my work there, or read my book or blog!
That's so far the only place that I can be all alone and not be bothered by anyone.
I'd have to say that I prefer Starbucks cuz I am already familiar with the Baristas and also I can collect my Bpoints.

Mirians might know that San Francisco coffee opened a while back in PermyMall, 
but it has closed down for some reason and some other coffee shop took over the place.
So we decided to try there yesterday, cuz both the bestie and I loved the fact that it's not always full of people.
You get to relax more and not fight for nice spots /tables. (Y)

Before we decided to settle down there and order and all we kinda inspected the place hahahaha.
We went in, explored every corner, looked at the menu, looked at the price, went out of the shop, and went back in.
I even googled the place before actually deciding to stay or leave hahaha.
(Nawp, there's nothing on google. I think it's owned by a local)
Thank god the workers were nice and friendly. :D

I ordered this drink called Cookie Cream Macchiato or something I forgot what exactly it is called; but I remember the description of the drink was "it's like drinking cookies" or something. Haaa. How can I not find that interesting, right? 
It was really niceeeeeeee. I liked it a lot, except I would prefer it to have stronger coffee taste.
But I think you can add in more shots. 
It tasted all milky and creamy, uhmmm like a white chocolate drink. 
Very very nice. 
Even more interesting is that it has chocolate chips at the bottom of the drink!:D
So it's like digging for treasure hahahaha. 
..and also I think it could've been a bit more hot or at least a bit warmer. 
Cuz I like my drinks hawwwt.

Ohhhhh! They even have teh tarik on their menu. 
Although it's ridiculous to pay that much for a teh tarik.............

The place is nicely decorated too - another plus point there.^^.

One of the downsides of this place are the hot drinks.
Personally I think it is quite pricey, cuz the mugs are smaller if it were to be compared to Starbucks ' or Coffee Bean's. 
For the small mug is RM9.50 (for my cookie cream macchiato) and if I am not mistaken for the largest mug was RM13-ish?:/ I don't remember....
Okay when I put it that way, the prices are quite similar but I have a problem with the hot drinks' yeah.
(OMG I just realized that I forgot to take lots of relevant photos hahahaha) 
I should've taken photos of the mugs -.-

As for the ice blended drinks and such, I can say that the price is normal for places like these.
I ordered a drink that's watermelon and lychee flavored; and again- it was not a disappointment at all. (Y)
They even gave me a complimentary cheese cake. :D

...and more irrelevant photos. 

That paper I'm holding? It's like a text book for the place.
On it is how you pronounce all the words they have on the menu and stuff.
Sorry I didn't take a photo of it cuz I brought Jojoe's 50mm prime it was too meh to actually take close ups.

...and that's my awesome date for the day.

We would definitely come back (when we're not broke and all haha) here and stay there the whole day  :P
I just cannot get over with the fact that the workers are really really nice. 

Rich people should come here and open more fancy coffee shops, right?;)
*Ps: Please open a cheaper one but still fancy looking.:P


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