July 27, 2012

Up & around.

I have been under the weather few days ago, sadly at this particular month...-.-
Getting better now tho; and do let me know if anyone knows a cure for Asthma.(:

Other than staying in bed all day this week, I have been out and about as well & I bought few small little things for myself as a reward for getting all better now hahahaha:P
Plus Jojoe was back for a week so I have been spending time with him as well.:)

From top, that's what I wore today #ootd - Tried the SkinLite Strawberry Mask - New Mercury phone cover from Jojoe - Another new cheap cover I bought today.
I got the Strawberry Mask just because I never had any masks that smells like fruits before..& boy, it smells really sweet! But I didn't quite like it tho, cuz it feels all weird on my face.:/ I don't see or feel much difference after using it.. I didn't like the texture as well, it's a bit too thick & it does not dry easily. But then again, I am not sure whether it's supposed to not dry or whatever, haha. Not gonna get it again next time tho. 

Went to Sasa with the bestie yesterday & I got myself this because it was on sale!:D I have been wanting to get myself some eye pads but I always end up not getting any cuz I feel like it's a waste of money lawl.:P
But this? It's only uhhh rm5 somethin'! (It was actually stated that it's rm8 somethin after less, but somehow they charged me for 5bucks somethin so that's that!)

 Haven't tried it tho, I actually doubt that it would do any difference to my eyes, but I just need something that can soothe my eyes every night before I go to bed;) It would feel so nice to put this on your eyes after it's chilled a bit, no? Spa treatment at home FTW.

Next thing is something that I NEED. My lips are ridiculously dry, like mad dry that it annoys me & probably the people who looks at me LAWL. It's all chapped and ugly and it makes you wanna peel all the dry skin on my lips yourself every time you look at me hahahha.
Because the bestie loves Hada Labo brand so much; she made me try out their lip moisturizer.
Just tried using it earlier today, and I have to say it already helped a bit!


To kill time before my class we walked around and saw these cute adorable looking things!

Cute, no?:D Hahahahha. Okay, fine. I like buying things that has fringes on it.Lol.
It is actually a liquid eyeliner & both the bestie and I got it for ourselves teeeheeee.
Got it for only 8bucks.;)

Happy Fasting to all Muslims:D
Update soon, toodles!

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