September 9, 2012

Tea party.C(_)~

Some of you may not know that my aunt loves making cute cuppycakes. 
She gets orders from people and all..I'd have to admit that she is getting better day by day.
So the other day (or was it yesterday...) she came up with this idea to set up a small "dessert table" as she calls it ( she was inspired by some online uhh thing) cuz she made these cute little cakes in jars!

If you are on tumblr or pinterest this shouldn't be new for you..;)
Someone ordered those cakes and all from her, so we kinda borrowed it to try and set up this cute table set up. (haha)

I just recently started to take photos again, so excuse the bad framing and all. 
I am still trying to get inspired as much as I can be, cuz I need to start focusing on doing things that makes me happy instead of thinking about what other people want me to do. :|

I personally love most of her cakes, they're so yummy!:D
...and fattening. 
But it's okay for the cheat days, no?;)

If you'd like to order or ask for detailed information;
you can comment here or email me!:D

...she makes red velvets, rainbow cakes, fondant cakes, chocolate? vanilla? butterscotch? 
You name it, request, she can make it happen. (insyallah)

ps: Bad thing to live with a person who loves to bake.-.-'
( Maybe the real problem is that I am a sweet tooth. :P )


  1. So pretty! The colourful ones in the jars make me want some!

    1. Thank you Joey!:D I think they're pretty too!(:

  2. These are so gorgeous and thumbs up for the amazing creations.