September 4, 2012

My fur-less cats obsession?

Note the caps - It defines the happiness I am feeling right now haahahha.:P
I am happy that my item came today weeee:D
I bought this cute ear plug for my phone last month & it has finally arrived!

How can that not be cute? *DAWWHH*
I am a sucker over cute tiny stuff like these HEHEHE.

It is just ridiculously cute! Like how does an ear plug for your phone can be so cuteeeeee.
(Okay sorry for the amount of the word cute I am using in this post but heyyyyy.)

The best part is that it looks like he's hanging on my phone DAWWWWHHHH. XD
Momma said he looks like Fish my pet cat teeeheeee. 
So now I can remember my dearest Fish by looking at this cute hanging kitty! 
Keep on holding on, kitty kat!

If any of you are wondering where can you get this, you can go to this Facebook page
..and enjoy browsing & shopping!
They wrapped it nicely, with bubble wrap & all; I am a satisfied customer.
Will definitely shop there again next time!;)
I recommend you to get your phone accessories from them!:D

beforeendingapostthought: Jojoe's lens is hard to play with.:| Explains my out of focus photos. :|


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