October 3, 2012

salt pepper shaker.

So sometimes I forget how to breathe.
Sometimes I forget how to swallow too.
Every time I forgot how to swallow I panicked, like how one would splutter and act all panicky when one is drowning?
That is exactly how I felt.  
That, is definitely not a lie. 
How is it even possible for me to forget how to swallow I have no idea!

I have noticed that my views are increasing day by day, 
and I am seriously thankful for that and forgive me for not blogging as frequent!

Haven't been up to anything unusual lately..
Explains the lack of updates.
Maybe people should give me ideas on places to go or send me somewhere so I could blog about it?Lol.
Also cuz I have been out and around; not much time to actually be in front of my laptop to actually blog. 
Not a fan of mobile blogging yet, so there.

Here's what I have been up to, pretty much.
 Had to sing while I was still recovering from my asthma & fever and all.. It was horrible:\
Glad that I managed to at least not ruin the wedding by singing off key or anything haha:P
...and managed to not cough while singing!

 Been eating like a pig; I am sadly back to my bad habit which is eating junks & also eating them right before I sleep! -.-' 
The last photo is a combined gift of our anniversary & his birthday cuz I am so broke teeeheee.
Received a new cover from my cousin, attended a wedding as a photog (it has been a while it was really tiring phew), the ridiculously attention seeker cat, and my camera is getting older day by day :(

Haven't been doing much OOTDs lately cuz I don't feel like dressing up and also cuz I have no where to go :|

 I have something planned for myself; if it turned out great I might blog about it, 
so stay tuned?;) 

Blog again soon, lovelies!

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