September 1, 2012

Give me colors in my rain, reboot everything & give me the chance to restart my life.

Am I the only one who hates going out on weekends?:|
For now I appreciate the chance & time to go out on weekdays, cuz I seriously hate going out on the weekends:/ 
Specially to the malls; they're just too many people everywhere PSSSH.
I don't mind having too many people around (okay I am lying) but I hate facing rude people & idiots on weekends BLERGH.
I have to admit I have zero patience on weekends! 
Except when I go to relaxing places like the beach ka what kaaaa. 
I simply cannot stand it sometimes. Mmkay, probably most of the time.

Today I had to accompany my momma out, I was cranky the whole time (wooopsy) obviously cuz of the reasons I stated above plus Aunt Flow is here so..yeah.
Bought few things to take my mind of things..

Finally got myself a new notebook fan for my laptop; I used a real stand fan to cool my laptop the whole time before I got this hahaha.:P Got myself the purple plushie, and a new book to read. 
..and also a cute eco friendly notebook on the left.:)
I don't favor the expression that the purple teddy has, but I figured it would be handy if I travel cuz Mystical is now not as pretty as it was before.. ( the unicorn teeeheee)
If I ever come across another Mystical, I will definitely get the same exact one!

I think I haven't blogged about my new limited edition BonusLink card? 
I posted it on my instagram & twitter, but a lot of things has been happening around that I didn't get the chance to properly blog about it. 
I am not a fan of green, but I love supporting green causes:D 
So I donated some points to get this limited edition card..
You have the chance to get this limited edition card & help at the same time too!

Click here for details;

Have fun donating & receiving your exciting mail!;)

*cuz to me the most fun part was getting the card through mail HAHA;P

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