October 31, 2013

#OOTD - Silly stripes.

It's been a while that I didn't upload any of my OOTDs, yes?
Mainly cuz I have staying home a lot lately.
Yesterday our blogger friend Nano came to town!
So both the bestie & I went to meet her up for lunch & to spend some quality time as well:D
But, I'll share some of our photos from yesterday in my next blog post, mmkay?

The photos are still in my camera & I don't have it with me right now so..

I am currently obsessed with maxi skirts and maxi dresses..
I am slowly adding up my collection; they're just too comfortable!

It took me quite a while to buy this one..
cuz I think that it wouldn't be the best idea for me to wear something with horizontal lines..
It would make me look..well.

..but then again, I have always loved stripes & navy-ish looking stuff so..

Got myself a new pair of polka dots flats as well.
Alrighty then,
I shall blog again soon!


Foot note;
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Thank you for all your kindness!;P

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