October 20, 2013

Bright orange.

Salam & Hello!

As you can see,
I changed my header again.
But what's weird is that the color of my eyes changed when it's up there I don't know why!

Apparently I like turning my face into a canvas lately.
Too bad I don't have that much make up in my collection -
I really so badly wanna splurge on good ones; I hope soon!

My confidence needed a little boosting as well so..
perhaps that explains my "vain-ness?"

I also miss coming up with themes and doing random photo shoots with people. 

I actually have OOTD photos as well but it didn't turn out great cuz my skirt shrunk IT UPSETS ME SO MUCH!
It's been bugging me and I keep on complaining.

This kind of post will probably be constant. 
But I always jinx stuff so that might not happen cuz I told you..

I am thinking of having an outdoor post wedding shoot, 
which is why I haven't updated about the second theme that I promised you!

We'll see, we'll see. 

Monday's approaching, 
be ready to drag yourself out of bed & be fabulous lovelies!

Blog again soon!


  1. Ingatkan bukan sis yg di header ya..rupa2nya mmg sis...hihi...kacak...

    1. Alhamdulillah Miseyz!;) Thank youuu:D hehehehe kmk la yaaaa bila bedango cmya la jadi nya..;)