November 17, 2013

L o s t.

You have no idea how many times I tried to blog.
..which ends with me deleting everything and closing the window multiple times in a day. 

For some reason I don't know how or what I should blog about..
I keep on trying to take photos for me to blog, but there it is still in my camera untouched. 

I keep on thinking of the reason why I started blogging & I keep on forgetting that the main reason was just for me to document the things that I have done, or you know, just like a diary kind of thing?
Typical & cliche - I know. 

Then I got to a phase where I keep on thinking too much every time I try to blog, hence the blog block;
if there ever is such a term. 

I love sharing things I found here in our little town for example food places, or beauty products or just about anything that I came across that seems interesting to me. 
I love sharing about my day..
be it happy or sad or weird.
So dearest blog (..and readers if I still have any) I shall focus on that now, 
I need to remind myself that, every time. 
It is also such a work for me to actually sit down & type from the laptop to actually update, 
cuz I have been quite occupied lately- but if you do feel curious you can easily go follow my IG. 

I have yet to try a lot of other scents from VS but my favorite so far are Secret Charms & Sheer Love. 
The husband randomly complimented on how nice I smell few weeks back which leads me to getting another bottle of Sheer Love!;)
Coincidentally the bestie went to KL so I asked her to help me to grab a bottle of Sheer Love.
..but look at what she got me!

Complete with the body butter & body lotion..
#blessed #gratitude
She got me few other things as well. 
Thank you darken!

The week before she left we went to Nature Republic as it is currently having its huge year end sale. 
Grabbed few items for myself & the bestie got herself few things as well and we spent rm100+ (for so many things) and got a free gift which was a pretty cosmetic bag!
I love how they would always have sales up to 70% :P
Who doesn't, right?

My feet is ridiculously dry so I decided to get some foot masks. 
What's not in the photo is another type of foot mask- where it peels off your dead skin after you wear it..
..which is honestly gross cuz it peels off for a few days :O
But it worked well although I doubt that I would wanna face the peeling phase again o.O

1| Peeling foot mask. 2| A gift from Lana's Store. 
3| Gifts from the bestie. 4| Hubby made me us some steak. 

Feeling blessed and thankful for so many things, 

Blog again soon.:)

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