October 17, 2013



In life, 
we are given so many choices. 

..to be kind or to be mean. 
..to be grateful or to complain. 
..to neutralize or to destroy. 

..to destroy.
..or to neutralize. 
..or to destroy.

I have been going through so many things right now that it makes me totally a different person than I used to be;
some may feel that I am no longer the person that they used to know, 
some may feel that I am still the same but with perhaps extra thoughts than before. 

It's actually really simple but some people might refuse to accept the fact that we all will go through changes at some point. 
We can't and won't stay at that same spot in life forever. 

We grow up.
We go out. 
We meet people. 
We become independent. 

We get to learn so many things.


Eventually minds.

Our minds go
" Good / Bad ? "
..although sometimes we ignore the good & went straight up ahead to the bad.

In the end it is all your choice. 
Right now I choose to focus on my own life,
what have you chosen?

..or are you still stuck at the same spot?
..and forever will be?

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