October 22, 2013

E v e r y d a y.

Salam & Hullo!
Ohhh man how I miss doing girly things & hanging out with the bestie!
I have not been seeing her for quite a while now because we both have different responsibilities to focus on..
..and it gets depressing when I don't get to see her!

So I went out with another friend, 
and made him take photos of me just so I could update my blog 
I bought a few things.

I seriously wish we have Target here in Miri .. is it too much to ask for?:/
I want a drugstore with whole loads of cheap stuff PRETTY PLEASE?

In the photo;
1. A new Loofah! A black one this time. :D
2. New addition to my lip balm collection - the Baby Lips Limited Edition (NY)
3. Beauty sponge..well. Just cuz.
4. Darlie Expert White toothpaste. Uhmm, I never would pick up Darlie (for some reason I just don't know why) but I got a sample size of this from Female's Oct edition & I loved it so much I bought the full size.:P
5. Aiken Cracked Heel Cream. My cracked heels are seriously getting out of hand. Lol. This was the cheapest one compared to other brands..I hope it works well. Bhahaa.

I had mini PBnJs, some honey peanuts on the side & my usual black coffee for breakfast today.
I should really pick up cooking. 
At least I'll have yummier food and cooler photos bahahaha.

Side note..
I really wanna start something. 
Like a project.
I keep on telling the bestie about it but I honestly I have no idea what kind of project I should start doing.
Perhaps something that does not involve me spending money but getting money instead nyehehe.

apparently I say "exactly" all the time.

I'll blog again soon!

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