October 29, 2013

Long delayed post= Coming right up!

Salam & Elu!
Our "Mafia themed" wedding wasn't really as "mafia" as it's supposed to be..
Pretty much cuz we did it last minute & because of that the people who helped us also was informed last minute; we were lucky enough that they could actually help us dress up for our theme that night :)

I feel that we didn't have enough photos for the second outfit..
so I still have the outdoor photo shoot in plan. 
My make up was also already looking all weird during the second outfit, my tudung..

I am also not used to having people take photos of me; yes, believe it..
although you see a lot of my vain photos here in my blog..they're all mostly taken by the bestie & that's only achieved after getting used to her taking photos of me for probably a year or more hahahahahha. 
So I didn't really know how to pose, and I was really shy cuz the husband is not camera shy! 

My photographer was really awesome tho, 
and his crew was also very very helpful!

now I know how it feels like to be told what to do when getting your photos taken..
I used to take wedding photos for people a lot back then hahahaha I am so sorry my dear clients if I ever made you feel awkward and uncomfortable hihihihi >.<

Here's more photos from my wedding, as requested!
Hopefully you'll like all the photos and thank you again everyone!

I love how supportive my siblings are, seriously. :')

So happy cuz my B came all the way from JB! 
Can't wait for her turn very soon!;)

Special thanks to Nano as well, 
who came down from Kuching!
So happyyyy:) 
Too bad we couldn't spend that much time together during this visit..
But we'll meet soon, yes?;)

and of course, it wouldn't feel like my wedding if the bestie weren't there!

Blog again soon, loves!

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