May 13, 2013

My big day - Part 1!(:

Here I am; as promised; to share with my readers my big news!
I do hope some of you misses me, of course!;)
For those who didn't know, I am now happily married to the love of my life,
Mr Shah Faizal!

We've known each other for more than 5 years now, feeling so content and grateful that we're finally officially husband and wife on the 3rd of May 2013. 

It was a small intimate Nikah ceremony, family and very few closest friends.
Thank you for every single one of them who helped us make this happen!

The preparation was mad crazy! 
Even for a small event like ours ohhgaddd. 
I lost some weight till the outfit that I wore during my nikah was a tad too loose. :/
Jojoe couldn't be physically here in Miri to arrange things, so it was quite a struggle, but I'm thankful that we still managed to make it done C:

I have quite a number of photos to share;
also cuz some of you requested for photos! 
So I have decided to blog about it in parts, mmkays?:)

The morning of the day, I had my henna done by my favorite "henna artist" ever (!!!) - Kak Buddy!
So grateful and EXTREMELY happy that she went all the way to Miri from Bintulu!! 
cuz I really REALLY wanted her to draw my henna. 
Momma almost made somebody else do my henna - but I guess it's meant to be done by Kak Buddy. ;)

As for my Nikah I wanted a simple design, cuz we're planning to have another reception..
so I'm saving the fancier design for that, insyallah.
Shout out and huge thanks to the bestie for capturing the moments of my big day!:D

Excuse my crappy look - HAHA I forgot that I would be photographed -.-

Mad pretty, yes???

Made the bestie had one for herself too; look at how pretty it is!:)

..and introducing the master behind the awesome designs!:D

She kindly did many other henna on some of the other family members as well :')

I honestly feel like I haven't thank them enough! 
I can't list down specifically the names of the people who was involved - in every possible way, 
who congratulated husband & I - just mainly EVERYONE. 
Thank you for all of your kind wishes and prayers, 
Amin amin amin. 
May Allah bless each and every one of you 
insyallah amin :)

If any of you are interested for her henna services, 
you can message her at her facebook;

..and that's Part 1 of my big day! 
Mostly photos, obviously. 
Wouldn't want you to have too many things to read while looking at the photos. 
I shall separate them nicely later on. 

you have no idea how grateful I am that it's finally official! 
I am so so extremely happy and I am feeling content 


I'll blog again soon!;)


A little preview of my next post......



  1. Replies
    1. kacak inai ya oh?:) hehehe:D thank you btw!teeheee.:P

  2. tahniah..hoho..bestlah dh jd bini org dh knek

    1. Thank youuu:)
      Alhamdulillah, rasa bahagia!hahaha:p

  3. Actually nak, till this day sik cayak kmk ktk dah kawen. Hahah cos it was like all of sudden.

    But I am happy for you :) Congrats again Fynna!

    1. Jayra, boh kata ktk, kmk gk maseh lom dapat digest kmk dah kawen hihihihi:P
      But best gk feeling nya bila kmk surprise cmya hahaha:P

      ..and thank you so much Jayra dear!:D *hugs!

  4. Hi Fina... Tahniah.... Kmk kazen Padel..ada jumpa dolok masa kawin padel di bintulu.. Anyway, best kan dah kawen.. :) Wishing you tonnes of happiness and joy.

    1. Helu Mona:)
      Alhamdulillah..thank you!:D mun ada jumpa kmk, tego n pdh ktk nok komen ya k!
      hahahaha:p amin, aok best:P hihihihi thank you again!:D

  5. Salam sis if u want henna i m henna artist contactvia email: