May 15, 2013

Keeping up.

Eluuuu! C:

Amagah, ever since I got busy before, during and after my Nikah day; 
my "dressing up" senses has gone cuckoo. 
Once, I wore a maroon pashmina with a green top and a light blue jeggings. 
I was all "whatwhatwhat now?!" when I passed a huge mirror in a mall. 
I need to be inspired again, 
ALSO, I need to shop for more clothes. 
Especially bottoms. :3

I got myself a nice violet magenta -ish skirt yesterday,
I cannot wait to share with you how I would wear it! (soon I hope!)

I need to start bringing my muffin along with me again, 
so I could show you clearer (and nicer) photos of my ootds and stuff, yes? 
Maybe now I can borrow Jojoe's camera instead HEHEEEEHH. 
His camera and mine are actually the same model, but mine is older (age wise haha).
So mine already has scars here and there ): 

here's my ootd for yesterday!

Trying to make use of my old clothes before I wore tudung. :|
Which is kinda hard honestly, and also cuz I don't really have much choice. 

..because I still haven't blogged on my next part of my big day, 
here's some photos I found online which I find amusing and creative!
Wedding gifts ideas!

Aren't those purday looking? C:
Creative, pretty - with small budgets.
The last photo is actually tasbih in boxes. 
Maybe I should make those kind of gifts for our door gift later. 
At least (I think) it won't be a waste cuz people would eat it and it looks prettier compared to the normal candy gifts.

I got those photos 
in case you wanna order their goodies for your wedding!;)
They seriously have pretty looking gifts!

I shall blog again soon!

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