May 21, 2013

Creative juice.

Ola Mi Amors!
For some reason I keep on craving for sweets. :]
I am now gaining weight like mad & those unnecessary cravings are just..well. Unnecessary.

A friend once tweeted about how her mother loves the Red Velvet from this one bakery, 
and hmmhh honestly I can't stop thinking about it ever since hahaha.

So we ended up getting 3 different cakes muahahaha. 
I'm definitely not having any cakes for a month at least. 
White chocolate spongecake and two different red velvets. 

..and that's the awesome one! 
I LOVE the cream cheese red velvet! 
..even when I was back at Momma's home, I love to just spoon out the red velvet cupcakes my aunt would make and topped my cream cheese by my own so I could have more than it should have. :P

Giz keeps on telling me to look at the camera and smile but I just couldn't cuz I was enjoying my cakesssss!
Hahahaha I might not look like I'm enjoying it but I really was!
I was enjoying my cake and dreaming at the same time...;)

Gizmo had her usual black coffee. 

Initially I wanted to separate yesterday's post & my OOTD post for today..
but I figured I should just combine it together :D

Remember the skirt I told you about?
I wore it tadayyy!

Tried "experimenting" with the top color to combine with the pretty purple (or is it magenta?)  skirt; 
instead of going for the safe blacks and whites. 
..well. At least that was how I imagined to pair it with. 
Even though this nude peachy color might not be as daring or anything.. 

I should really get more of these kind of skirts in different colors!
They're comfy AND "flowy"!:D

Any other ideas of what other colors of top I can combine it with?

Blog again soon!:)


  1. Hi ...

    Just wondering, where is this bakery you mentioned that have nice Red Velvet?

    Is it located in Miri?


    1. Hi there!
      Sorry for the late reply but yeap, got it in a bakery here in Miri.:)

      I think the bakery's called "our daily bread" & it's located somewhere at the old location of Open Uni.:)