May 22, 2013

Q U I C K!


so here's a quick update cuz I need to get ready; watching Fast & Furious 6 tonight!
Not my kind of movie, but I guess bonding is never a bad thing, no?;)

Weather has been ridiculously hot in Miri (like, SERIOUSLY!) so I guess I'm trying to lay off some blacks as I possibly can. 

Bright, summery colors! 
Well, okay maybe not. 
I should really invest on a few pairs of loose pants to match this crazy weather :\
I feel like I am sweating even by looking at those photos I took earlier hahahaha.
..okay gross. 

I am gaining weight like mad I am never gonna stop ranting about this till I loose some.

Besides the crazy hot weather , time has been flying so extremely fast lately too!
So because of that I promised myself to wake up earlier than usual tomorrow just to have breakfast with Giz at 8am. 

I'll let you know if I can get ready before 8!

Okay now, 
Off I go!

Blog again soon!;)

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