April 28, 2013

What's in my shower basket - TAG!


I seriously cannot stop saying or tweeting or blabbering about how I feel like my blog is my therapy. 
I kid you not. 
I find happiness in typing each and every post, taking photos for my posts, taking OOTD photos to update. 
That is the reason why I appreciate my readers so much -
mmkays I may sound like I am trying too hard here but hey, it's true. 

Since I have the time to be in front of my laptop right now..
I thought I'd blog a bit and tweak it here and there; give it some loveeee. 

What do you think of my new header?

after what's in my bag post I did 
I've decided to post another tag, which is
"What's in my shower basket" - TAG!

If you're wondering why in the world do I need a basket for my shower things..
Let's just say that I like it better that way.
Not that I hate sharing or anything..

I just simply prefer it that way, mmkays?

This idea could be useful for you people out there who share bathrooms or if you have room mates and whatnot's, yes?

I would usually change my shower things when I am done with one..
I don't usually stick with one product- especially with my shower gels.

So..those are my current shower thingies!
A girl must own at least one luffa / bath sponge/ whatever you call those things :]

For some reason..I will always have 2 choices of everything.
Current special shower gel is still my trusty St Ives!
..and I just changed my everyday shower gel to Palmolive's Sensual Aromatherapy *smirks* from Dove's peach shower gel.

Hair is just currently BLIEHAKFJKALF. Still trying out shampoos to know which one does my hair prefers. -.-

Ohh, my usual tooth paste is Zact.
Been using that for quite a while now, cuz I drink coffee almost everyday & I couldn't afford teeth whitening yet so..yeah.
hahahaha .
But too bad that lately I'm suffering from ulcers & tooth decays and whatever tooth problem there is..
so my mom recommended me to try using Colgate's Sensitive Pro Relief.

This, is also one of the things that I don't usually change.
I am so far a loyal ZA user, I have been using their products since high school.
This particular one is my favorite, cuz it really does remove my everyday make up (which would usually include BB cream & eyeliner & blush) so it kinda saves my time ;)

..and my current toothbrush and tongue cleaner.
Bestie recommended this tooth brush & I loved it so I bought another this month nyehehehe.

..and now, I tag you to do it too!
Leave links on this post so I can check out yours!

Blog again soon!

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