May 23, 2013

Lookbook; Mocha Latte.


For some reason I have been so clumsy for the past few days!
I keep on getting accidental cuts on my hands and fingers HMHH. 

Notttttt forgetting the fact that I am also forgetful as ever lately!
My brain probably needs more workout or healthy juices or whatever. 

..or maybe I am just getting older. 

...or maybe I need to pick up a book again.

Yes, I am also full of excuses lately *sorry!*


Apart from having to deal with my everyday routine,
I have nothing much to do today. 
Planned a breakfast date with my forever date but sadly! We had to cancel it last minute ):
She obviously owes me a breakfast date now hehehe :D


Make up of the day;

Simple AND balanced.
I don't have to worry about walking around in campus or in town looking like I am gonna have a concert or something hahaha.
Easy to slap on everyday,(okay even though I don't apply 'em everyday but yeah) achieved by only using two earthy colors.

I felt like having some darker color on my lips taday as well 

..which I wiped off right after taking tonnes of photos with it.

Here's a suggestion for the ladies here;
if you're planning to START purchasing eye colors, ALWAYS go for earthy colors first.
..cuz it's safer that way.;)
Get 'em browns, nudes, and blacks, woman!
They can never go wrong :D

..and OHH.
Meet my current addiction.

I am currently obsessed with seaweeds.

Hype me on Lookbook, will you?
Please and thank you!

I shall blog again soon!:D


  1. Ohyess i totally do owe u breakfast! :D

    1. Haha! I shall print screen this and claim it from you then!;)

  2. cantiknya mata awk..

    hai.. salam kenal..

    follower ke : 24

    done follow/singgah sini.. jom follow/singgah blog teman.. heee..

    klu minat kucen leh follow blog ni jugak.. =)