August 30, 2012

To the orchid nursery! (Photologue)

So much for wanting to stay home & laze around the house today..
That's never gonna happen if I am not home alone. -.-'
My wishful thinking needs to stop.
But I am glad that I said yes to my momma when she dragged me to look for this place where they sell orchids :D 
I have never seen that much orchids in real life, what more to say the ones that we saw; few of them were really big:O

Let the photologue do its work, shall we?:)

Momma got all excited & that's her shopping cart hahahaha.:P
I have a feeling that she's gonna get more when my aunt's back from KL...:|
But I'd have to say, they're really, really pretty to look at!
That would be probably cuz my favorite flower is purple orchid...

I get to play with Jojoe's 50mm lens, they're just amazing.
I need to start practicing again, I need my source of happiness; which is somehow lacking lately..

What's your favorite flower?:)

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