July 17, 2012

Trip 2- It's singing time! (The Terminal)


A little fact about myself; I enjoy singing. I enjoy it so much that sometimes I sing at weddings, dinners, events and stuff. I enjoy singing so much that I actually have a YouTube account for it. 

 I have to say that I am really glad that both of my other half' loves singing as well! (That would be Jojoe & Giz ehems) Too bad we don't have much places that's decent enough to go for random Karaoke sessions, you know? Like, ones that we can easily go while the sun is still up? Lawl. I mean, karaoke places here in Miri usually opens at 7pm and it's always not just a karaoke place, you get me? 

But ever since we found this place...(!) we got all excited and we went there all the time till like, the people who works there recognizes us. -.-'

Now, where is this amazing place I am talking about?
Say Hello to The Terminal!:D 
It's a very decent looking place for Karaoke sessions:) 
It is located at the Sun City / DiGi Center / Hot Cross Bun / Banana Leaf, Centerpoint area, quite easy to find when you're already in that area. 

I love the fact that it is open early, really. ( Mon-Sun 12pm-1am )
I think quite a number of people knows about this place already, so you better book or be there early if you want a room! Yes, a room:D

It is nicely decorated too;D

We were always given rooms 12, 13, all the teen numbers, but today we got room number 1 which I think is new, cuz I THINK I have never seen it before. It's probably a bigger room divided into two. But that's how it looks like! Very nice, yes?

It's very clean and tidy..and you get 2 cans of soft drinks for each person.

Toilets! You can never take this as an easy matter. They're cleannnnn cleaner than the toilets at our airport -.-' ( I compared airport cuz I have always thought airports should have the cleanest toilets)
To select songs, you will have to choose from a lovely touch screen like so. Teeeheee. I would prefer it to be operated with a remote tho..The songs selection are just okay, if you love singing Indonesian songs, sadly there's not much of it.:/ But still okay,mmkays?:D You can always choose English songs, they often update new songs:)

Now another thing I lalalove about this place is the fact that is very affordable!
If you want more info, here's their facebook page;
I went there today & we were charged RM30 for two. You do the math and see how affordable that is!;)

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