July 12, 2012

Moisturize Madness!

If I have to pick one part of my body that I can change..that would probably my hands. 
Hey, hey. Don't get me wrong! I am thankful for what I have; for having my hands! Hehee.
Just IF.
Cuz...I don't have uhmm pretty hands. You know, lady like hands? 
My mom has prettier and softer hands compared to mine. Even my boyfriend's hands are softer! -.-'

I am a bit insecure about my hands..I can never let anyone or myself take photos of my hands. Lol.
..and I just had to belong to the category of people who love wearing rings. Sigh.Life.Haha.
That's the reason why I am a bit addicted to hand moisturizers,hand creams & lotions. 

The latest one I bought was the Nivea Q10 age defying cream, (just because Mariannan uses them HAHA)
and I'd have to say that it works quite well! It does not feel sticky after applying, but I am not really a fan of the smell, though it smells quite nice..but I prefer fruity fresh smells.:P 

I actually have tried more than these, but most of it doesn't do much. 
Sometimes I just like buying the mini ones that I can throw in my handbag, because I think they're essential!
Specially when it is one of the days when I had some Lalapan!;) 
You wouldn't want your hands to be smelly, no?Teehee.

Do let me know if you have tried fawesome hand cream!
I'd like to try them too.:)

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