July 16, 2012

Trip 1- Japanese Store! (and a little humble giveaway!)


You have no idea how much I go "oooohhh ahhhhhh" over Japanese Stores. I love Japanese Stores, cuz they always have interesting & most importantly cheap goodies for sale!
Back then there was 100 yen, it was as fun as this one that I will be blogging about. It's so sad that 100 yen does not update or change their things more often...Probably because I rarely see a lot of people going there after a while. These things sometimes has phases, you know what I mean?
But I have always love their stuff anyways, it's just that they don't have anything new that is interesting as it was before..and the price has mostly gone up a bit. 
Anyhooooo, I got all excited about this newly opened shop, I found out about it even before it was open & went there few times with Jojoe already but didn't have the courage to ask whether I can take photos in the store..But somehow I got all hyper today, and here's a full post dedicated to it!:P

It's Tokutokuya!
So, are you ready to look at what they have inside? 
Ps: I had to combine all my photos cuz I took too much hhehehehehehe. 
Photo loaded post!

Okay, here's the main thing that got me all excited about this store. Too bad I am not like a huge, huge fan of Hello Kitty, (I used to be tho) but even when I am not anymore I still squeak like a little kid when I saw how much they have Hello Kitty cute cute things here!

Bags, plastic bags, paper bags, mirrors, pencil cases, dvd covers, you name it! The highest price I saw was only rm5.99. Not just for the Hello Kitty stuff, but for other things as well:)
 Even their plastic bags are so cute and pretty..o.O Perfect for gifts or crafts.
 They also have a Sesame Street's section, where the whole rack is full of the faces of Elmo, Cookie Monster and all the other Sesame Street's characters:D Not to forget Japanese cartoons; Doraemon, Melody..and the list goes on.;)
The photo above on the left is the photo I tweeted about during my first trip here, those are actually sushi molds :D 

It is so colorful :D 

Okay, you just have to come here if you're in town!;) If you're a freak over cute things especially. 
But I do hope that they're gonna update their things and start getting new stocks as well, cuz some of the racks are already showing some space..hehehe. Would love to see new things coming in, no?

I have something to do before ending this post...I have been wanting to do a give away for my readers for a long time now. But too bad this blog is still new, so I practically have no readers at all...
Would love love love seeing more random and new readers for this blog of mine so I could do give aways whenever I can!:D 
I actually bought few Hello Kitty stuff to give away for one lucky reader..
Maybe some of you lovelies can help me spread the news around?
I am giving away these..!
It's nothing much, obviously..but I really feel like a real fan of Hello Kitty would love these Lol:P 
I am honestly still not sure how I would give these away, but do comment, and LET ME KNOW! :D

If any of you are coming down to Miri & would love to check out this shop, it is next to PermyMall, quite easy to find. Details;

Spread the love people, and comment!:D 


  1. Waaaa, I want to visit this store someday. soo cute hehe do more reviews! i always love your reviews :)

    1. Thank you Jayra!:D You should go have a look there!:D

  2. this store remind me of Daiso in Penang. how i wish they have a branch in Kuching. btw, i love reading ur blog :)

    1. Ahhaaa, I love Daiso too! So glad that Miri has Japanese stores as well.:) Maybe they will, one day open one in Kuching;) Teehee. You'll never know.Btws, thank you!:D

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  4. Does this shop still operating?

  5. Does this shop still operating?

  6. Hi.. Any ideas where i can find more of the scrapbook stuff in miri please? Other than daiso and mr diy. If there is please let me know the address too. I'm from Brunei