July 31, 2012

Let's - Do It Yourself!


I have been quite productive for the past few days.. I need to stay that way forever. 
I had in mind last week to actually start on some DIYs cuz I used to love them so much. Looking through photos and videos of people making DIY projects makes me ohh wanna do it too! I wanted to make some bracelets as a start cuz it's not easy to get hold of fancy accessories that I am looking for here in Miri..You know.

My cousins came over to our place last Sunday so I made them join me too.

One of my cousins love S&S's headbands but her mother got her some DIY stuff for her to make some herself instead of getting her the S&S headbands itself hahahahaha

But look how pretty it turned out! Headbands are obviously inspired by S&S ;) 
I didn't make those tho. Teeeheee. I'm not a fan of making them myself YET.:P But I personally LOVE the orange one!

I made some cute little "friendship bracelets" :D
I had very limited supplies cuz it's not easy to look for stuff here in Miri..So I really had to work with whatever I can have..

The small ones (purple & orange) are the ones I did on my first day. I like how it turned out to be, although I wish they have bigger ones :| The neon pink and yellow is all messy that I took out the yellow and left the neon pink :D
Of course I got all excited right, after I saw the end result..so both the bestie & I went hunting for some DIY things or whatever that we can use to make our bracelets pretty & boy! Look at what we found!:D

Charmmmmmssss! You have no idea how much I love charms! Haha. We were so happy that we could choose although it's a bit pricey; they're 5bucks each :| Can you guess which ones are mine?:D 
I chose charms that are significant to me & my life..;)

Tadaaah! I can haz self made charm bracelet now which I can easily change later on if I'm bored with the current neon pink bracelet ;)

Some of you asked me on Instagram where did I get those stuff in Miri..
Sadly I did not take any photo of the place but I will now describe it to you. (HAHA)
*Note that I am reaaaaly bad with roads/junctions.

It's a store called "Dragon Store" mmkays maybe not dragon store but it has the name dragon on it.:P
It's somewhere near centre point area / pelita / tamu muhibbah; next to Park Hotel. 
I honestly don't know how to describe it specifically, but you could look around & search:D 
 It looks very uhh dodgy & old, but they kinda have some cool stuff there if you really be all creative and imagine how you can work with the stuff they have. Plus, you need to be patient cuz the shop is sooo not organized. 
I bought everything there, from the strings, the bracelets, the charms..all of them. 
So hard to look for cheaper ones here; but do let me know if you know any!;)

Those headbands stuff we didn't get it here, but I think you can easily get them at the same store as well, but of course it'll cost more. 

Miri needs an awesome DIY shop that sells CHEAP & affordable DIY stuff! 

So there! That's what I did during the weekends! 
What have you been up to?;)

P/s: Took few photos of my OOTD today; I shall blog about it separately.

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  1. Hi, do you have the " glow in the dark fabric paint"?