July 9, 2013

Ohh how time flies..


Now now this time the reasons why I have been missing is cuz my sister in law got admitted few days ago.
Alhamdulillah she's okay now & I am currently helping the in laws family..
explains why I am pretty occupied most of the time. 

I went to Bintulu as well (before sis in law got admitted) so I managed to spend some time with the husband!
We had a movie marathon,( I really so badly wanna watch Despicable Me 2!) I can now cross out Man of Steel & World War Z & Monsters Uni off my movie list!:)

All three movies were just okay for me, blehhh.
Man of Steel was good but the story line was too messy - my personal opinion. 
The effects were awesome tho!
World War Z..didn't quite like the role of Brad Pitt in the movie. 
As for Monsters Uni...I honestly expected more! >.<
But I'm glad that we finally got the chance to watch movies. 

Here's some peeks from my Instagram updates. 

Had the best (so far) local burger in Bintulu!
Tried their monster burger and it tasted awesome 5 stars! 

The patty was juicy and nice, full of taste uhmm yumms :3

..my kids are thoughtful, really. 
They are also one of the many reasons for my happiness. 

They gave me some chocolates nyehehe how can one not love chocolates?
Especially when it's a gift! ;]

The husband started a DIY project & he managed to get it done!:D
This was his first project - our shoe rack!

I initially wanted him to paint it white but one of his uncle said that the wood is a good type of wood that it is a shame if we were to paint it hahahaha. 
Next project is our book shelf!
We wanted to paint it white..
that's obviously my choice of color.;)
I cannot wait to get started on my DIY projects as well!

A cousin gave us this car sticker - I like anything that glows :3 

...and that is us on our 2nd wedding monthsary. 
Cuz we didn't get to be together during our first monthsary...
Therefore there's 2nd monthsary lawl.

..and that up there, is for you - if in case you forgot how I look like or...if you missed me.

Need to start organizing my schedule, 
it is all over the place!

I am also planning to get a new DSLR to replace my old one..
I think it's about time.
Not looking for a higher range than my D90 cuz I need one that has a good video thingy as well as good quality photos.
Still going for Nikon tho.
Gonna sell my Sigma lens cuz I don't really use it anymore..
I hope I will get the new camera before Eid!

I'll update my OOTD very soon ( I hope) and happy fasting to all muslims!

Blog again soon!


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    1. aie mena ka?? kmk asa mcm mok jual kmk pun ya mok ambik camera baru..:/