July 12, 2013

BANA burger - YUMMS!


In my previous post I mentioned that I went to Bintulu & that I had this tasty burger, yes?
So..the husband took some photos from the camera..
Figured I should share them with you.

But before that...

Say hello to these two gorgeous ladies, 
on my right - Sis Jaja; thank you so much for the hospitality! Your turn if you're here next! (:
On my left - Kak Buddy; my awesome henna buddy.:P
Can't wait to look at her henna design for my reception :D 

So anyhoo, 
The monster burger I had was at this humble little 'stall'.
The menu;

I just realized that the monster burger wasn't on the menu. 
Not quite sure why tho.
Maybe it's one of the weekend specials or something. 

Couldn't really show you from the photos of how huge this burger was, 
should've taken using our kit lens instead.
But lately I am too lazy to bring around my muffin so that explains why nyehehehe. 
These photos were from the effort of the husband. :p

What I love the most about their burgers is that the patty is full of taste, 
as in meat taste (haha) and the sauce is not too 'overwhelming' that it compliments the whole burger. 
The bun is perfect as well - not too soft, you know like the ones that's too soft till it tastes soggy?
Yeah, this one wasn't like that.
Aiyah, kenot be a food blogger liddis lahh. 
Pendek kata nang nyaman la.

If you're in Bintulu,
perhaps you should go try their burger - and if you're from Bintulu, lemme know what else is nice there!


...I was wondering whether you guys still want me to update on the Part 3 of my wedding? 
Nothing much to share, really. 
It was just short and sweet. :P
I would probably share more photos and that's about it. 

Happy fasting, lovelies!

Blog again soon!

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