April 21, 2013


So I've noticed that my viewers are getting lesser day by day..:/
I am honestly sorry for not updating as much!
But I promise you, 
it'll probably be worth waiting for my updates - that is if you care about me that much haha:p

I will be extremely occupied this few weeks, 
so I won't really have the time to actually update..
I am sorry, in advance. 

But if you are one of those lovely loyal readers of my humble blog, 
come back again probably two weeks from now?
..or you can also check it out whenever you feel like it, of course. 
You'll never know if I might update a little. 

In the mean time..
Comment, let me know what do you feel like reading in my blog. 
Beauty related..personal questions..books I read..things.

IF I can, I will most probably have some quick posts updates from time to time of my OOTDs. 
If I am gonna have the time to actually dress up, that is. 
So many things to do, so little time people!

There! Miss me, alright?;)
..or follow my short updates on Keek! 

Blog again SOON!;)


  1. I love your choices of books and your fashion sense. Can't wait for your next update! -a loyal reader :)

    1. Awww, thank you ayra! :D
      I promise I'll update soon!;)