October 22, 2012

You & me; we're stuck like glue.

Last weekend I had a quite relaxing one..
We went for a very short swim, yeap a short one cuz it was raining the whole day T.T
I was really excited about chilling there with the swimming and all..:|
Guess it just wasn't my day.

I craved for some potato salads; cuz Jojoe makes really good ones!
Decided to make some for myself.

Too bad we didn't have any minced beef at home..
so it didn't taste like how I want it to be. .( which is how Jojoe would make it for me...T.T )
Was in a rush as well, I totally forgot to take a photo of it after it's done.
Share with me any delicious potato salads recipe?;D

I am currently in a phase where every time I try to read, I just simply can't. 
I got this a month ago, no? I haven't even started reading it but I have been bringing it everywhere with me.
...and taking more photos of it hoping that I would actually start reading it lol.

 Pretty Swirly keropok
Haven't try it yet. 

Are you hungry right now?
Mmmkays, here's more photos of food.

A friend ordered the cheese pizza earlier & that was the first time I tasted it.
Mahhhn, it was niiiiiceee.
I really love how the uhmm paste (?) under the layer of the cheese compliments the taste of all the cheesy thing going on lawl.
Those balls are actually cream cheese :O
One thing I didn't like about the pizza? 
The cheese stuffed crust. 

Blog again soon!

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