October 30, 2012


I feel so awkward today.. -.-
My holidays are pretty much here, so I have been lazing around the house & did nothing productive. 
But if catching up with series is considered something productive, then yes, I have been so so productive for the last few days. 
Not an easy thing to search for working links to watch all of those series online, no?;)

My list;
Modern Family
New Girl 
The Big Bang Theory 
Don't trust the B in Apartment 23
Ghost Whisperer

Just recently starting to catch up with (& in plan);
American Horror Story
Desperate Housewives 

I used to watch Pretty Litlle Liars as well..but I think I did mention before that I stopped watching it. 
I might start watching it again if I ran out of series to watch.:P
Dexter seems interesting too, but it's too far to catch up now..so we'll see about that.

My fav chocolate flavored snack :D 
Went out for a while today just to send something to Jojoe and I ended up going to a store..

Met a friend and we had a chat..
...I wasn't feeling awkward at all, I was all yeah?yadayada blabla chatchat..
 until I was driving back home.
 I felt soooo awkward of myself till I actually stopped at the road side just to tweet about how awkward I feel HAHAHAHA.
You know when we always have this cheek to cheek greeting sort of thing when we meet other people?
I just realized today that I tend to place my hand at the back of people's head instead of their back or shoulder or something! o.o
I just realized how awkward it is...and perhaps how awkward people might feel about me doing so....
Mmkays, maybe if I describe it this way it may emphasize more on why I feel that it is awkward for me to do so..
It's like when you wanna kiss a person..you put your hands at the back of their head..touching the hair..
Phew I am so awkward. 
But NO, I don't have ANY intentions of kissing anyone HAHAHA.


Sorry in advance if I will ever make any of you (if we ever meet in person that is) feel awkward if I did that to you..


Mmkays, so my real point is..
I bought something. 

YAY for more transparent cases wooop wooppp.
I bought this to replace my old make up bag...but mainly cuz I love it so much cuz it's transparent.
The small one costs RM2.50 
& the bigger one costs me rm4. 
Muahahahaha cheap stuff = Win. 

There's 3 sizes of these, I got the medium & the biggest ones. 
I might get the smallest one as well for me to store my meds & other important needs that I need to bring with me everywhere I go. 

Perfect for travelling as well!;)

Blog again soon!


  1. American horror story season 2 wasnt as good as the first one. I stopped watching it altogether. :/

    1. I haven't actually watched the Season 2 pun eps. Only a few. Hopefully I will like it- cuz the first one was really good!:)