October 26, 2012


I have been wanting to revamp my blog so it would become more "me". 
Also to make it so much easier for you to navigate around my blog..
Too bad I am not that good in tweaking those codes.
So all I can play with is the header & only small things here and there. 

From my previous header I think it's pretty obvious that I like to keep it simple.
Therefore not much changes for the new one - just different fonts used.

I like keeping my name as my header still..
But I changed the description.

Still keeping the blue & white theme going on..
Tho I would love to have some photo collage thingy as my header with the current one. 
Maybe I could try...
We'll see. 

My two glasses.
Left - Home use ; Right - For when I am out.
I do have to change to the black one if I need to face my laptop. 
It's almost impossible to read from the screen with my old glasses. :\

Blog again soon!

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