November 2, 2012

of free time & food.

Staying home means more food- more unnecessary munching. 
Especially now that I have access to more series to watch.. -.-
But most of the time I would eat anything we have & end up making myself feel all sick..
either cuz I ate too much at once or I ate to much sweet stuff within an hour. 

I'd have to say that I am trying to lose some of those fats now,
 (now it's not a secret anymore hehehh.) 
*Mind you, I always feel all uncomfortable every time I wanna say that I wanna try to lose weight or anything..
..and obviously munching away is definitely something that is REALLY hard to push away. 
I can say no to rice, but not to junk food & all those crunchy munchies. 
It's like my favorite part of every meal of the day is the time gap you have in between where you can munch  while waiting for your next main meals. -.-

My sugared butter bread. 
I initially wanted to toast my bread, but a lizard died in it....
Goodbye toaster!! 

My lunch today at Little India. 
All I ate was the bitter gourd & the rice. 
..and I ordered some fried chicken.
A friend said I seem like a fried kind of person. -.-
Darn it, I just realized it when he said it. 
But come on...
who doesn't like fried food??

I finally got new colors!
This time I decided to get darker shades & something that is NOT purple hahahaha.

They look the same, no?
Actually they're not..
One is more to brown and the other one leans more to red. 

Different color.:P
Haven't tried  both; so I am not sure how different they are.
Got them for RM3.90 each from Sasa.

The family's having a garage sale this Sunday. 
Might be updating about it soon!

Blog again soon!

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