August 28, 2012

...of Eid & other things.

How was your Eid? I bet everyone is sulking cuz holidays are over for most of us..:P
Come on, it has been always like that, when we're on holidays, we wanna do productive things.
But if we're working/studying we want holidays. 

The best we can do is? Move on & enjoy life!:D
My Eid was..good. Except for the fact that time flies so fast now it scares the hell out of me. 
Jojoe was back for Eid, so I pretty much spent the week with him & my family & cousins. 

We had a family gathering on the first day of Eid, and a cousin of mine came all the way from Kelantan to celebrate Eid with us.:)
It was indeed a blessed Eid this year..wish it could last much longer. 
Didn't took that much photo cuz I was too busy & a bit lazy to take out my bulky camera every time..

...and I bought an Eid gift for myself!:D
I can now finally own a Starbucks' mug LAWL.
Not a big deal, but I have always loved their simple design..but it's always a bit to pricey for me.:|
This one I bought it for only RM25:D
It's quite big..perfect for my everyday coffee. 
..or other drinks. 
Next on my list is a new coffee presser. I broke mine T.T So currently I can only drink 3in1 coffees; which is a bad thing, cuz it's bad for the number on the scale......:/
I'll probably be on a coffee break for a while.
*Note the probably. 

Most of the photos I took are from my phone and most of it are photos of my face. 
You can follow me on Instagram (Fynna Erfinna) if you like looking at my vain faces hahaha:P

Here's one of my Raya outfit; my very first Baju Kurung I ever ordered online. It was a bit too big for me but  my mom altered it a bit. Didn't feel like dressing up that much this Eid, I didn't even went for my annually Eid shopping this year. 
It was indeed a blessed Raya, I feel content and all,
Looking forward for the next Ramadhan.
May Allah bless all of us!


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