August 22, 2012

Eid pre-post.

Salam Eid everyone! (:

...I am suddenly lost in my own thoughts.
I actually forgot what I wanted to type...(I will eventually remember as I type!)
But never mind, I just wanna share few photos from my Eid celebration here..
I wanna enjoy it so badly this year, (although I am not sure why cuz usually I would just act normal & all..)
But I just couldn't! The fact that Jojoe's here just for a short break (alhamdulillah he's back for Eid) & the fact that I only had 2 days of holidays, accompanied by a bunch of due dates & date lines & paper works so YAY!

I'll be blogging more about other things that has been happening very soon, I promise!

Do visit me here once in a while;)
How's your Eid?:D

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