January 8, 2015

Gifts from Korea + selfies!

Salam & Hellu!


My sister in law just got back from Korea last week & my mother in law got back from Vietnam few weeks before that. 
Received few gifts from them; but today I'm just gonna share with you what my sister in law got for us!

Got loads of face masks yay!
It has been a while since the last time I pampered myself at home. 
My pores are noticeable now cuz after I gave birth I kinda neglected myself for a while too lol. 
I've tried The Face Shop's mask before & it did't quite do much for me, but we'll see how these works!
Some are for the husband too, we both need to start taking care of ourselves now instead of just taking care of the little one teeeheeee. 

Etude House's 101 Play Pencil liner!
This looks interesting & I cannot wait to try it!

My sister in law said this pencil can be used as eyeliner as well as eye shadow, how interesting!
Googled a bit about it; they have it in other colors too & there are a few colors that can be used as a concealer too. 

It's quite hard to wash off just with water, so I guess it it a BIT waterproof bahahaha. 
The color has a bit shine as well, something new for me to try. 

Cute t-shirts for the three of us!

A cute little bear for Little Amani & another fridge magnet to add in to our collection.

Thank you, sis in law! 


I do hope one fine day the three of us (my husband, little Amani & I) will get our turn to travel! 
..and I hope it's gonna be very soon.:/ 

Oh, here's some clearer photos from the header shoot. 

Excuse my horrible looking eye bags! (& red eyes -.-)
It comes with the baby:p 
Mmmkays, maybe not cuz I have been wearing it for as long as I can remember hahaha.

I was actually trying to blog about the eye make up I did, 
also for the new header, 
but the photos didn't turn out as nice as I wanted it to be..
I didn't have enough time to take out the tripod & the remote cuz Little Amani wants my attention hahaha - like now. 
She's actually amused by my typing movements and laughing at it hahahaha! 
Not to mention trying to eat my laptop!>.<

Okay now,
it's not easy to type with a baby on your lap..so
i'll blog again soon!


  1. you look so pretty with that make up! perfect <3
    By the way, I follow you and will be very happy if you follow me back :)

    from: Saturday Love Sunday

    1. Dawhhh thank you!:)

      oooohh your blog is so pretty!:D Yes yes, I'm definitely following you back!:)
      ..and thank youuu again!