January 16, 2015


Salam and hello!
Nothing much to talk about lately I guess..
I've been feeling a bit down, I am not keen to share my sadness to you, so here are some photos from our BBQ gathering! 
It was planned as a new year gathering kind of thing, 
but I took the chance to kind of celebrate my birthday in advanced too, 
cuz the husband won't be around on the actual day. (Shameless, I know!hahaha)

If you haven't notice by now, 
our circle of friends is really small. 
 For me, I prefer to have a small number of friends; 
only those I could really trust.
By friends I mean friends that I really do keep in touch with, or meet occasionally.
These people are amongst the familiar faces.

But I do have lots of friend- but mostly are the 'hello and bye' kind of friends, you know? 

Turning a year older doesn't excite me as much anymore..
I honestly didn't feel anything at all this year. 

I am now 26 years old, 
...married, blessed with a daughter.
What more could I ask for?
Although now I do wish for good health, blessed marriage and stronger faith. 

It looks like this year is going to be a rough start as we are already being tested.. 
I guess it is really a time to reflect on things, to make myself a better person for my daughter and my husband.

A year older with bigger responsibility..
Apart from all the serious matters, 
I really hope we're going to be one joyful family. 

Happy Birthday to you too, 
January babies.

Blog again soon. 

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