January 17, 2015

Blessed;more gifts!

Salam and Hi!
It was my birthday on the 14th & as usual every year I went on a date with the bestie!
But this year with Little Amani..

pheww cuz she didn't wanna sit in her car seat we brought along and the chairs there were high chairs!
Not really baby friendly..
Also cuz they cook right in front of you. 
Didn't know this at first but since they weren't much people there so we decided to just proceed eating there. 

We had the basic set for each of us;
which was sort of a bad idea cuz we couldn't finish the whole thing hahaha.
It was definitely a nice experience to dine there,
what we personally love was the waiters there.
They were super friendly & funny too!

Honestly, we didn't quite like the food, except for the salmon.
The salmon was loveeee.
The soup definitely compliments the salmon, which was nicely cooked.

In the basic set you get;
Miso soup
Mashed potato
Squid (Above photo)
Fried rice

...and my favorite;

I love the texture of this dorayaki!
I think it's just cuz I love anything with flour hahahaha.

Most of the photos are blurr, cuz I didn't bring the flash...:[

..and let me share with you what the bestie got me for my birthday!

Super cute, yes??

From left, a handcream, a lip & eye make up remover, a mask & the star of the day,
a lipstick!

Such a pretty color!<3
I never tried a coral-ish color before so more new things!:D

 It doesn't look too coral-ish in the photo but it really does.
Super pigmented- and it really stays on your lips!
Ehem I immediately wore it on our date:p

Etude House really does have a lot of cute stuff!
Back in Kuching I bought few stuff for the bestie from Etude House as well & man, it was so hard to choose cuz of all the cute stuff they have.
This hand cream looks like a castle and it smells HEAVENLY!

I am a sucker over hand creams & I am so happy that I get to add more to my collection!
I should really display my hand creams nicely teeeheee.

More face masks:P

Would you look at that??
Even the box is super cute (okay sorry for repeating this but really!!) the door can actually be opened,wahhh.

She also got us some stuff from Makkah, as she just got back from Umrah.:)


*insert love-love eyed emoticon here*

..and another super cute ( too much 'cute' in a post oh shucks) sweater Little Amani got from Jojoe's cousin!
Ahhhhhhhhh the loveeee she gets.

So blessed in so many ways,
Alhamdulillah thank you Allah.
Thank you dearest bestie, thank you mamak Jaja!

Blog again soon!

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