January 5, 2013

Project #365!

I can NEVER finish ANY 365 project/challenge EVUR.
Let's try doing it again this year, shall we?
But this year I'm gonna Polyvore 365 outfits that I think looks nice, for my own inspiration, for me to dream about, for me to drool on, for me to add in to my wish list, yadayada. 
So because it is already 5th January..
 I created 5 looks already hehehehe. 

Questions, comments, ideas, thoughts, let me let me know!;)
(Say..you need some ideas on how to wear your black shirt..or your striped tee..or something.)
..or perhaps you think what I put on together would look better with a different bag..
or something something. 

Bear in mind that I am nowhere close to being "fashionable" or anything, 
it is more to my personal interest sort of thing.
Also! That I am quite new at it!
So be nice;)

o n e out of three six 5

2 out of three 6 five

t h r e e out of 365 - that red shirt.

So I am still stuck at three.
Go check out my Polyvore if you feel like browsing through the rest later on!
I'm gonna continue creating two more sets in a bit.

Blog again soon!

Ps: Just click on my sets here to be directed straight to my Polyvore page.:)

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