January 27, 2013

Simple, easy lasagna!


I have been craving for some lasagna for quite a while now..
..and I couldn't find any here that's to my liking.
I love beef lasagna, I have never tried seafood lasagna (from Pizza Hut; cuz most of my friends recommended the one there) mainly cuz I am not a big fan of seafood & also cuz I am allergic to it. 
I hated Secret Recipe's lasagna (Miri's branch) so I figured the only way to actually have some decent lasagna is try to make one myself lawl. 

I used to love love love Deli France's lasagna but too bad they're now closed.. T.T 
I prefer my lasagna to taste like the bolognese spaghetti sauce plus the mashed potato taste 
uhh maybe if you often eat lasagna you might know what I am trying to explain 
Not a big fan of the ones that has too much "herbs taste" in it too. 
I think the one in Frattini tastes more to the herbs side
if that makes any sense teeheee. 

Oh, I just discovered that that "mashed potato taste" is actually white sauce. :P
Well, sorry I am not a good cook so I didn't know. 

So perhaps that's a good news for you?
Cuz if I am not a good cook & I still can easily make this lasagna...
logically I am sure you can do better than me hahaha:p
Please excuse my unflattering photos & mind you, this is my first time making lasagna!:) 

I didn't plan on blogging about this 
so I didn't take decent photos of step by step on making it and yadasss,
dearest Kak Buddy you should feel special cuz this post is mainly dedicated to you!;)

I'll try my very best to make this as simple as possible! 
I am a bit sucky in explaining :\

Here goes. 

Your lasagna will have 3 layers. 
1. The beef
2. The white sauce
3. The lasagna sheets

Here are the main ingredients that you're going to need;

1. The Beef.

Ohh, I actually watched some YouTube videos & googled as well for recipes hehehe. 
So if my explanation is too long - maybe you can watch videos in YouTube!;)

You'll need ;

- Instant lasagna sheets ( please don't get the "Magic" brand is not tasty:3 )

- Ready made traditional pasta sauce ( yehhh thank you to whoever invented this hahaha)
I used Kimball's & it only costed me RM4 for each bottle (Y) The taste is just right too, so you don't need to "modify" it that much. Aunt said Maggi's bolognese sauce is okay too. As for this measurement I used only 1 bottle.

- Chopped onions & garlics 
Here I used 2 onions & uhmm 4-5 small cloves of garlic? 

- Minced Beef 
I used a packet of the frozen ones. 

- Salt, pepper, 
(and some Ajinomoto- you can replace this with "cukup rasa"?) 

- Mozarella cheese

To prepare;

//  Heat up your pan with oil. Add in your minced beef & cook it till it's a bit brown (but not too brown). Make sure it's not overcooked (better to have some that's still raw).

// Add in a bottle of your pasta sauce. Stir.

// Add in the garlic & onions. 

//  Add in the salt, some pepper & some Ajinomoto ( this is exceptional). The amount you put in is according to your liking. Taste your sauce & add in more if you like. 

// Stir a bit & let it cook. 

*ehems excuse the unflattering photos*

..and that's one done!
Simple, no?:D
Now let's move on...

2. The white sauce. 

You'll need;

- 90g of Butter
-  6 tablespoons of Flour  (Tepung gandum)
- 3 cups of Full cream milk 
- Salt 
- Pepper 
- A pinch of sugar 

This measurement makes one medium bowl of the white sauce. 

I prefer the sauce to be quite thick as above. 

To prepare;

// Melt butter. 

// After it is melted, add in the flour. Stir (and keep on stirring), make sure that it doesn't get all chunky cuz remember, it's a sauce! But if it does get chunky, 'fret not, just use a whisk to stir - it'll make all the chunkiness go away..(haha) 

// Slowly add in the milk while you stir. 

// Stir stir stir. 

// Add in some salt & pepper to your liking; with a pinch of sugar. 

// Keep on stirring till you get the texture that you prefer. 
I prefer the thickness to be like.. mayonnaise. 

Step 2 = Done! 

3. The Lasagna Sheets.

To prepare; 

// Heat up a pot of water. 

// Add in some oil & salt. 

// Put in the lasagna sheets from the box, boil till it softens. 
Don't forget to separate it before putting it in! You wouldn't want it to stick to each other when it's done. 

// Once it softens, separate the sheets from the water.
hahaha tuskan aek ya bahhhh. LAWL. 

Okay, so that's that, and we're almost done!

Get your Mozarella cheese ready!

It's time to layer em!:D

First bottom layer ; The meat.
Second ; The white sauce.
Third ; Mozarella cheese!! Loadsssss of em! (if you like cheese that is :p )
Last ; The sheets. 

I personally think it really doesn't matter which you wanna layer first. 
I guess it'll look nice when you slice it later on if you layer it nicely & that's about it. 
..also cuz I don't actually cut it, I just scoop it using spoon like ice cream muahahaha.

Pop it into the oven once you're done layering; for about 20 minutes. 


You can now enjoy your delly lasagna. :p

Uhhh, I kinda ruined my lasagna sheets..
That was the only problem I had when making these hahaha. 

Baked beans on top whutwhutsaywhut now? 
..cuz momma does not eat cheese so she requested no cheese layering & thus the random baked beans topping on top. 
Not sure how it tastes like tho..:\ 

So the measurement I gave made this two medium sized lasagna. 
But I did extra bowl of white sauce cuz we like it moarrr. 

Some prefer to not cook the sheets first, but I like it to be cooked so it would be softer. 

Yeappp, that's it!:D

Ps: Everyone has their own way on preparing their food (in this case the lasagna) therefore this is my way, this is how I prefer making my lasagna. 

I hope I didn't forget any step or ingredients tho! 

Have fun trying it out, 
and I hope you'll like it!:)

Blog again soon! 


  1. Looks so YUMSSSSSS eh! Mok sikittt :P

    1. If only I can post some to you!;)
      Teeeheeee. One day okay!:D

  2. Mntk resepi....hahaha....boleh ka tok...ada x rsa mcm secret recipe?