November 5, 2012

Our (failed) garage sale! :\

As promised, here's a post about the Garage Sale we had yesterday..
Sadly, it rained heavily so it didn't go quite well.
Rainy season here in Miri, obviously not the perfect time to have garage sales.
But! We kinda did it for fun..
So there!:)

We did get few visitors while it was all sunny..

It's always fun to look at people coming looking all excited to Nanna's place every time we decide to have any kind of sale thingy there teeeheee.

I kept on bringing the stuff in & out cuz the weather was so confusing!
The moment I took it all out, it starts drizzling & when I put it all back in, why of course it was all sunny again out of a sudden!

..but then it started pouring non stop till night till it had a mini flood..
Thank god it didn't rain heavily the whole night; that would be terrible for the area :3 

My car was parked at the side and when it rained we couldn't see half of our car tires :|
All is good, all is good - no worries. 

Next sale would be a baking sale at the end of the month or maybe early next month.
Colorful cupcakes, cakes, all the yummy desserts & food..ohhhh drools.
It would be in Brunei tho.
We're invited to join.. I am hoping that we could actually make it. 

Blog again soon!

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